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Gamkakalandjies nursery offer quality education to more than 30 children between the ages of 2 and 6 years, from a deprived community. As Government funding does not allow for the purchase of healthy meals and the appointment of a cook to prepare these meals, UKUZWA  provide the funding for nutritious breakfasts and lunches, as well as the salary for the cook. 

If you can support this cause through a regular monthly  (£5 suggested) donation, we can ensure the costs are covered and continue to also improve the educational environment for all the children.  



We are currently planning some exciting fundraising projects but if you have any ideas or want to get involved in any way then let us know.

All donations will go towards the current projects, as well as to develop new self help projects in isolated Karoo communities, where poverty thrives. Please also sponsor us by making a donation on our 'GoFundMe' page.


As George Fredericks Primary School in Merweville only offer education until end of Year 9, most children are not in a position to complete their school career (Year 12). They need to travel to a neighbouring town where they then need to stay at the boarding school and ensure they can travel back to Merweville during each weekend and all school holidays when the boarding school is closed. Due to the isolated nature of Merweville town and the significant cost of travel (there are no public transport - only a taxi!), school uniform etc, children need financial help to complete their education.

If you can support this cause through a regular monthly (£5 suggested) donation, we can ensure children can reach their potential and live life to the full.    



We welcome any corporate support. Please contact us with your details and how you think we can work together to achieve more.

We would appreciate having some official supporters! 


All donations help us to achieve our goals and fulfill the commitments towards the projects we offer. We truly appreciate any donations you choose to support these. 


An easy way in which you can help us raise funds, without actually giving any money, is to support us through "Easy Fundraising". If you register through Easy Fundraising, most of the shops you buy from, will give us a certain percentage of the money you have spend with them. Donating money has never been this easy! Please please therefore click on the link to register for our cause at Easy Fundraising: